Grow With Us

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The City of Birmingham wants to help you grow, whether you are a small business, corporation, startup/entrepreneur, W/M/DBE, real estate developer, or a job-seeker. Putting people first means putting your growth first. Only when Birmingham’s people succeed will the City itself succeed.

Strategic Goal: Growth From Within

Birmingham is and has always been a city of builders. From steel mills to start-ups, the city has built itself through depressions and downturns. Anchor industries have established themselves through natural resources, physical infrastructure, and clustering of distinctive assets and job concentration. These established industries–healthcare, financial services, and advanced manufacturing–are changing, as technological disruptions and globalization have made us more interdependent and economic growth more competitive. In order to grow Birmingham’s economy, we must invest in people and opportunities that fuel innovation via technological advancement in targeted and adjacent industries. To grow our economy from within, City Government must facilitate an ecosystem that allows innovation to thrive by providing resources to nurture and attract talent, establishing infrastructure that supports growth of women-, minority-, and disadvantaged businesses (W/M/DBE), and re-thinking stale governance models.