Our Work

We operate across four key lanes, always with an emphasis on putting people first through servant leadership.

Office of Business Diversity & Opportunity

IEO gives small businesses a seat at the economic development table, enabling Birmingham to grow from within and neighborhoods to thrive.

Our Office of Business Diversity & Opportunity is led by Monique (“Mo”) Shorts and Coreata’ Houser. Learn more about their work at birminghamal.gov/bhmup.

Key Projects

Real Estate Development

Birmingham is a city for purpose-driven builders. IEO works closely with entrepreneurs and developers to catalyze strategic investments.

Key Projects

Talent Development

IEO is committed to co-creating ladders of opportunity to sustain a qualified workforce for Birmingham’s economic growth.

Key Projects

Recruitment, Expansion & Retention

IEO will expand existing industries and recruit cluster-based targets in partnership to accelerate trade by leveraging best practices in project management.

Key Projects