Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan is our roadmap to a resilient economy for Birmingham.

Put People First

In recognition that learning pathways must become more dynamic, IEO will design systems, processes and procedures to bolster a comprehensive talent strategy for Birmingham. Investing in human capital is fundamental to building a sustainable, dynamic economy.

Measure What We Value

IEO will set and track goals for an inclusive economy, reflecting a commitment to intergenerational and social mobility, equity-driven human capital formation and strategic investments for innovation and productivity.

Grow From Within

IEO will build an ecosystem that allows innovation and opportunity to thrive by providing resources to nurture talent, establishing infrastructure that supports growth of women-, minority-owned, and disadvantaged business enterprises (W/M/DBEs), and focused on developing targeted industry clusters.

Find Purpose in Place

IEO will engage in place-based development, offering resources to grow small businesses in our neighborhoods, partnering with other regional metros, leveraging unique physical and infrastructure assets, and optimizing our innovation economy via alignment with anchor industries.